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Johannes Bender
I worked with Tim as his team leader for almost 3 years. 
Tim has excelent process and SAP knowledge in combination with the strong ability to structure, analyse and timely deliver solutions for challenging and complex business and technical requirements. His effectiveness in leading meetings and workshops cross teams and/or business with his positive and delivery orientated attitude was outstanding. He became officially a technical lead / architect for SD area in the project. 
Tim is a hard working, very professional consultant highly focused on effectiveness and customer relations.
Johannes Bender IBM Germany
Dennis Narrog
During his engagement Mr. Radlak has provided professional support in the area of functional design, maintenance and 3rd level support for SAP ERP MM, SD, LE areas. Mr. Radlak proved to be a very experienced functional consultant who is able to communicate and cooperate with BMW employees and Lodestone colleagues in a very professional and friendly way. Deliverables provided by Mr. Radlak were always provided in-quality, in-budget and in-time even for short notice requests of BWM.
Dennis Narrog Project Manager, Lodestone Infosys
Anna Gorzkowska
We hereby confirm that Timothy Radlak, during almost five-year partnership with SAP Training Center Poland  repeatedly conducted numerous open trainings and dedicated workshops covering execution and configuration of logistics processes in SAP ERP (MM / SD / LE / WM)
Timothy proved high level of both technical competence and interpersonal skills reaching average ratings of 6.8 (on a scale to 7.0). He managed to establish a good connection with groups of participants, not only passing a professional knowledge but also a great passion.
Anna Gorzkowska SAP Poland
Maciej Skrobisz
Tymoteusz has constantly delivered very high quality work to the project (above expectations). He contributed to a training success in a difficult and new area of SRM module. His soft skills were very much appreciated by the training attendees. It would be a pleasure to have Tymoteusz again in a team in the future.
Maciej Skrobisz SAB Miller
Hazeem Hamoudia
Although I have articulated my very positive assessment on your performance in several case-specific previous statements, I’m glad to do this in a dedicated way.
I had the opportunity to experience support in many topics related to our SAP system ATLAS. I have been always impressed by the clarity and quality with which you have solved issues. You have always provided a high appreciated support. You have demonstrated very strong SAP skills and capabilities for fixing bugs and managing alignments and partnerships with other groups.
Also, you have demonstrated a high flexibility with respect to business critical issues. You have proven an understanding of the criticality of issues.
We are glad to notice that You have done an outstanding job in all topics we have assigned to You.
Hazeem Hamoudia BMW Germany
Andrzej Partyka
Tymek prowadził szkolenia dla konsultantów z zakresu MM, w których brałem udział. Oprócz bardzo dobrych zdolności do przekazywania wiedzy, które wykazał, na uwagę zasługuje również jego dogłębna znajomość modułu MM, a także doświadczenie w realizacji projektów do którego nawiązuje. Polecam.
Andrzej Partyka GRC Advisory